The seminar will be of interest to persons engaged in the design, manufacture, management, identification, regulation, analysis, disposal, and use of pyrotechnics, explosives, and propellants. We highly recommend a minimum academic background of a one-year course in chemistry at the college level, but experience in the fields of pyrotechnics, propellants, or explosives can substitute for this background. The college's laboratory facilities permit the use of numerous demonstrations to accompany the course material, reinforcing the principles discussed in the classroom portion of the program. The goal of the seminar program is to provide an understanding of principles and techniques that might lead to greater safety in the design, manufacture, transportation, storage, use, and disposal of energetic materials Welcome Training and Consulting, Inc., in coordination with the Summer Pyrotechnic Seminars, LLC. is proud to continue the long standing tradition of offering both the Basic Chemistry of Pyrotechnics and Explosives, and an Advanced Pyrotechnics and Explosives Course at Washington College located in Chestertown, Maryland in 2013.  All adminstrative actions will be under the control of TCI Inc., with the technical program being handled by the SPS, LLC.  All registration information and payments will be handled by TCI, Inc. at their webpage at Since the days of the late Dr. Joseph McLain, the Washington College Department of Chemistry has a long history of involvement in the chemistry of energetic materials, to the continuation of his efforts by his colleague Dr. John Conkling.  Since its inception in 1983, the need for these programs that present the basic principles of pyrotechnics, propellants, and explosives has never been more important then it is today. © Summer Pyrotechnic Seminars, LLC, 2011